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For who fashion is never just fashion, whole worlds and stories are created with needle and thread.

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An Exquisite Corpse

Cadavre Exquis is an independent Belgian fashion designer.
With a name referring to the surrealist method of combining words or images, she refuses to be limited to one fixed style.

Cadavre Exquis encourages the lifestyle of the alterable ‘me’: the unlimited ability to recreate and reinvent oneself by means of clothes and styling.
Her work is characterized by classy designs, with special attention for durability and an eye for detail.

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Gothic Couture

Cadavre Exquis designs and creates avant-garde fashion with a dark edge. Every piece is made in a small, home-based workshop. At the moment her activities are limited to small-scale collections and unique pieces, made to measure to fit the client’s needs.

Latex Design

Cadavre Exquis Latex combines elements from both mainstream fashion and fetish subculture. Characterized by stylish and elegant designs, great attention is given to detail. Although conceived for a broad audience, the designs are also suitable for kinkier contexts. Custom projects are of course warmly welcomed.

Exclusive COSTUMES

Costuming, both historical and creative, is Cadavre Exquis’ true passion. The outfits are designed and executed for any specific event or occasion. For historical pieces she works from original patterns. Corsets and underpinnings are provided for a period correct figure. Accessories, wigs and shoes can be made or altered to complete the picture.

STYLING & make-up

As a creator of images, Cadavre Exquis strives for a perfectly styled end result. Make-up and hair are crucial to this end. Cadavre Exquis happily brings along her wardrobe, wigs and/or takes care of the make-up for photoshoots or other (small) events. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Started off by taking care of make-up and styling for herself and model friends Cadavre Exquis now has specialized in creating unique clothing with a dark and sometimes bizarre edge.

Having a degree in Art History, she attaches great importance to the conceptual meaning of her work. Themes are carefully picked out and extensive research is done.


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Art, costume history and literature are Cadavre Exquis’  main sources of inspiration. Apart from that, she is also fascinated by 80’s avant-garde,  music based subcultures and… the thriving city of Paris.

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Already facepainting and drawing costumes when she was seven years old, Cadavre Exquis is, above all, a creator. Still, she is constantly drawing or writing up new ideas and trying out new techniques. Above all, she refuses to be bound to only one medium or style.

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19th of February 2016

2nd of April 2016

23th of May 2015

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11th of April 2015

3th - 6th of April 2015



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Brussels (BE)

Brussels (BE)

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Leipzig (DE)

Brussels (BE)

Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (DE)

Ghent (BE)

Brussels (BE)

Essen (DE)

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 Cadavre Exquis 

E: info@cadavre-exquis.be 
P: +32 (0)486 20 69 34
BTW/VAT: BE 0645 799 670