Cadavre Exquis Couture: Corsetry - Couture - Latex
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Cadavre Exquis Couture is a Belgian label that goes beyond fashion and explores the realms of costume and wearable art.


Behind every design and collection is a story, taking wearer and audience to a realm of beauty and mystery.


With needle and thread, whole worlds and stories are brought to life.

Always wanted your very own corset that fits like a glove? Comfortable, yet offering a beautiful waist reduction?


Cadavre Exquis Couture offers authentic, steel boned corsetry. Our corsetry can be Made to Measure or customly designed with our Bespoke Service.

Cadavre Exquis Couture wants to tell stories. Through our collections, all creativity is set loose to reach this goal.


The showpieces of these collections are up for Sale in our ETSY SHOP, but can also be made to your measurements and wishes.

Are you attending a historical or fantasy event and do you want a outfit custom made? Or are you looking for an unique, one of a kind wedding dress?


Cadavre Exquis Couture can make your dreams come true!


Made to measure

Cadavre Exquis’ personal work and collections can be found on this website and on the Etsy shop. All these items can be made to your measurements. Do you prefer another material or color? Send us an email and we will help you further!

Custom designs

Do you have a special project in mind and you want a one of a kind outfit? Cadavre Exquis Couture is happy to help you out! You can make an appointment for a visit in our showroom or tell me about your wishes by mail.


In need of an outfit for a photoshoot, costumed ball or other special event?



Cadavre Exquis Couture has a growing collection of exclusive, handmade costumes for ladies and gentlemen.


We can also provide historical accessories, handmade wigs or help you out with our make-up skills.


Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll arrange an appointment in the showroom or we’ll discuss the options through mail.


Prices start at € 45 and go up to € 150 per costume/ week. Extra options on request.



    This workshop is perfect for everyone who would like to learn to sew. No previous experience is needed for this workshop. It is also the perfect starting point for our Corsetry classes. In this workshop you learn how to sew with a sewing machine and the basic techniques for putting pieces of clothing together. After this workshop you go home with a handy little pouch or beautiful corset bag.


    This workshop is tailor made for everyone who likes to take his or her steps into corsetmaking. For this workshop a basic knowledge of sewing is required. The workshop is spread over three Saturdays. In this workshop you will learn about the history of corsets, the used materials and techniques. You learn to work with a corset pattern, make a corset mock-up and finally your very own corset!


    Always wanted to make your own latex clothing? Now is your chance! For this workshop you need ZERO sewing skills, enthusiasm and dedication are enough. You will learn about the material, the specific products to and how to take care of your latex outfit. After this you’re ready to start glueing! After the workshop, you take home your own latex shirt or skirt.


The workshops offer a relaxed and comfortable learning environement and enables everyone to work on his or her own tempo. For this reason the groups are limited to maximum 4 persons.


The stated price includes a home prepared lunch at noon and drinks throughout the day.

Specific materials (like corsetry materials or latex sheeting and glues) are  also included in the price.



All workshops are given in our showroom in Bruges, Belgium. All workshops are in Dutch – please inquire for other languages.




The new latex workshops are semiprivate, so only two people will be able to follow the workshop at the same time.

Each participant will have his/her own, separated workspace.


The basic latex workshops are now only half a day, but you will see and practice all of the techniques learned in the full day workshop.


To compensate, the basic latex workshops are reduced in price (€ 165 for 4h).

All surfaces and tools will be cleaned before and between the workshops.




Follow our FACEBOOK PAGE to know more about the next workshop dates.


Showroom: Predikherenstraat 37 - B-8000 Brugge (BELGIUM). On appointment only. Tel. 050 48 06 00.