About - Cadavre Exquis Couture
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Maya Morwena Langouche

Beyond fashion

Cadavre Exquis Couture is a Belgian label that goes beyond fashion and explores the realms of costume and wearable art. Behind every design and collection is a story, taking wearer and audience to a realm of beauty and mystery. With needle and thread, whole worlds and stories are brought to life.


Quality & Elegance

Specializing in corsetry and latex couture, Cadavre Exquis Couture offers quality and elegance in a variety of styles. Cadavre Exquis Couture has a passion for both contemporary and futuristic looks as well as historical costumes.


About Maya

Brain and hands behind Cadavre Exquis Couture is Maya Morwena Langouche. Maya Morwena designs, creates and finishes all of the pieces at her studio in the historic city of Bruges, Belgium.


Because of her background as a Master of Art History, research is an essential part of the work. As diversified as she is herself, the designs range from historically inspired costumes to latex couture. Throughout this variety, the pieces are connected by their quality and elegance.