Basics - Cadavre Exquis Couture
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Underbust corsets are amazing pieces of clothing! They are easy to wear and even one piece can spice up your wardrobe completely. Since prices are a bit lower than overbust corsets, they are also a great way to start wearing corsetry.


Our corsets can be Made To Measure. We offer a range of designs you can choose from (contact us for more info), and then you just have to send us your sizes, no fittings are required. Prices start at € 350 for a underbust corset.


Do you have a specific design in mind you’d love to have designed perfectly fitted to your shape? Then our Bespoke Service is perfect for you! This option is all-in: we make a truly unique corset design just for you and a mock-up is made for fitting before starting on the real thing. Prices start at €550 for an custom underbust corset.


Photography by Paige Addams